Note block
The partner of thoughts

Note block

Put the "Note block" aside on your laptop ,the center of meeting table or the entrance of your home. It's easy to share, note or message. Your hand writing or drawing will tell your thoughts more. Price : ¥1,800 + tax / Size : W180 × H180 × D45mm 960g /
Color : Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Violet, Mulberry, Indigo / 350 sheets /
Designer : kurosawa kawaraten & Shinayaka Design

Note blockNote block Paper Mille-feuille Product 01
Fukuro toji note book
Great ideas need more space always

Fukuro toji note book

"Fukuro toji" means double-leaved. You don't need worry about the remaining space of the page of the note book. If you used out a page, you can cut to open and make your page twice. Also you keep some informations between the pages as a bag. Price : A6size ¥2,200 + tax, A5 size ¥2,800 + tax /
Size : A6 size W119 × H160 × D14mm 210g, A5 size W164 × H220 × D14mm 410g /
Color : Black, White / 160 pages / Designer : TUBUdesign

Fukuro toji note bookFukuro toji note book Paper Mille-feuille Product 02
Turn your note book back easy


If you want to note ideas or information when your are standing, this note book is one of the best choice to you. And there are two kinds of paper to leaves. It makes your feels always new. Price : ¥2,000 + tax / Size : W150 × H105 × D24mm 260g /
Color : Black, White / 528 pages / Designer : KAMEI DESIGN.

Note blockNote block Paper Mille-feuille Product 03

Paper Mille-feuille Product 04


Hooks for tiny things If it is not so heavy weight, Paper can be the hook on the wall. You can hang your keys, necklace or year phone. Price : ¥500 + tax / Size : W24 × H30 × D17mm 8g / Color : Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Gray / Designer KAMEI DESIGN.

Paper Mille-feuille Product 05

Paper card stand

Can't stop touching the section The papers are bundled tight. You can put cards between those papers. Keep papers by papers. Price : SS ¥700 + tax, S ¥1,200 + tax, M ¥2,000 + tax, L ¥2,800 + tax / Size: SS W45 × H40 × D34mm 50g, S W90 × H40 × D34mm 100g, M W170 × H40 × D34mm 180g, L W260 × H40 × D34mm 290g / Color : Black / Designer TUBUdesign

Paper Mille-feuille Product 06


Turn up and find your colors The ring bundled note books have three colors. You can choose your favorite one by your feeling. The note book has two kinds of papers for leaves. It keeps your feel fresh always. Price : ¥1,000 + tax / Size : W80 × H148 × D9mm  65g / Color : Light Green, Yellow, Navy Blue / 100 pages / Designer KAMEI DESIGN.

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